Embedding Media To Posts Is Easy As Pie

One of the questions I see quite often revolves around adding media content to posts. Most people are intimidated by the process, and who can blame them? The embed code provided by websites like YouTube are complex in appearance, making little sense to the average ‘non-techie’ person. Thankfully, the wonderful folks who work tirelessly on WordPress realized this and provided an...
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Search Engine Optimization Tips From Google – 10 Minute Video Course

SEO, a.k.a. ‘Search Engine Optimization’, is something that quite a few people ask about. While there are no magic arrows which will guarantee your hitting the perfect SEO target, there are productive steps you can take to help your website achieve success. IMPORTANT NOTE: Never fall for SEO link back schemes. If you pay someone for links back to your website you WILL get found out....
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Jodi Schwen

Jodi Schwen contacted Krista Soukup at Blue Cottage Agency to have her develop a marketing strategy for her upcoming book “Northern Comfort” (now released). One of the recommendations was that Jodi have a new website created for her. This is where MidState Design comes into play. After speaking with Jodi, we were able to clarify what she was looking for. She wanted a website that was...
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Play off the Page

A very prolific writer, Mary Aalgaard made a name for herself on Google’s Blogger by doing reviews of the arts, entertainment, dining, motorcycle interests, and more. She had hundreds of posts, complete with images that needed to be imported for the transfer to be successful. That’s not even counting the thousands of comments! MidState Design went to work collecting all of the data...
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Windows XP Support Ending

Support for the ever popular Windows XP operating system is coming to an end.  This means that Microsoft will not be providing security updates to computers running XP, nor will it be providing further updates to Windows Essentials (anti-virus), for those who are still using it with XP.   Anyone still using Windows XP should either get a new computer, or upgrade to Windows 7 – at a...
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