Windows XP Support Ending

Support for the ever popular Windows XP operating system is coming to an end.  This means that Microsoft will not be providing security updates to computers running XP, nor will it be providing further updates to Windows Essentials (anti-virus), for those who are still using it with XP.   Anyone still using Windows XP should either get a new computer, or upgrade to Windows 7 – at a...
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Facebook Business/Fan Page Basics

Facebook is a great way to share your information with friends and family. It’s also a super way to reach out to clients and fans. All of this does not come without a catch, however…

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Adding Fonts To Your PC In A Few Simple Steps

Let’s say you find the perfect font on a site such as Google Fonts and you want to use it on your computer. Unfortunately, you aren’t sure how to install it so you move on and forget the idea entirely. Has this happened to you? Well I have good news. Those days are over. You are about to become a font installation guru! Time involved: Less than a minute (after you’ve picked out...
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Expand Your Reach With Rafflecopter

                  One way to increase your overall reach online and get masses of new subscribers is to run a giveaway. Many people love to enter online contests, including myself. I even won a couple of them! The prize can be related to what your website is promoting, or it could be something completely unrelated. It doesn’t have to be anything...
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More Server Improvements

          Providing great services – and making them better – is a non-stop job at MidState Design. The latest improvement  is a big one for those of you hosting your websites here. I am proud to announce the addition of Varnish Cache to lineup of features hosting customers will enjoy. Varnish Cache is a server-side application that helps to balance the load...
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Server Upgrade, Security Improvements, and Free Updates – Oh My!

NOTE: This applies only to clients who are hosting their website(s) with MidState Design. There have been a large number of changes over the last couple of weeks, both security improvements and hardware upgrades. Needless to say, I’ve been ‘burning the midnight oil’ a lot lately.  Due to these changes, I wanted to make sure that the new security settings didn’t have an...
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