5 Simple Security Tips For Computers and Websites

Whether I’m giving computer advice to someone or trying to help them keep their website protected, I always stress one thing. Security.  Keeping your computer and website secure should always be something that is on your mind. Why? Because there are people out there that would love nothing more than to exploit them for their own purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. If...
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Author Dorian Dalta Is Featured In Saint Cloud Times

Dorian Dalta is one of the wonderful authors MidState Design works with. Always proactive in marketing his books, Dorian Dalta has grabbed the attention of the top newspaper in St. Cloud, MN. MidState Design is honored to have built the website for Dorian Dalta, and would like to congratulate him on being featured in the St. Cloud...
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Tips For Preparing To Have A Website Built

Instead of rambling, I’ll just cut to the chase. Note that some of these might not apply to your business, depending on your individual situation. Pick a domain name. Dot Com’s are still the favored TLD (top level domain), so go with that if you can. Try to pick a name with two words or less, and with as few letters as possible. Decide who is in charge of making decisions regarding...
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Warning About Domain Name Scams

   Quick overview: If you should ever receive a letter like this one, dispose of it. It is NOT what it seems at all. The letter below is a scam. Companies like “Domain Registry of America” simply look for domains without privacy features enabled and send them junk mail. There are ways to look up a domain name and find information about the owner (unless they have opted to pay to...
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WordPress Releases Security Update 3.6.1

A critical security update was released for WordPress yesterday. All of our Valued clients who have also chosen to host your website(s) through MidState Design , have had this security update applied for you – free of charge. MidState Design takes the security of your website(s) very seriously and does a variety of things, such as this update, to ensure it remains free of malware. (e.g....
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Clearing Your Browser Cache

One of the most frustrating things a person can experience is not seeing changes reflected on your website after updating. This most often happens due to the page being cached in your web browser. Simply clearing out the temp files in your browser can save you a huge amount of frustration, anxiety, and time spent getting personal support. Your web browser saves various files in a temporary...
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