WordPress 3.6 Has Been Released!

A wonderful new version of WordPress has been released. This video will show you a few details about what to expect. (Hint: It’s pretty...
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Getting Indexed By The Search Engines?

Here is a very quick tip that will help you see what pages are making into Google. It’s really simple! Go to Google and enter “site:yoursitename.com” without the quotes. It will bring up a listing of everything that Google is currently sharing one their search engine. Confused about how to do this? It’s simple. Replace “yoursitename.com” with whatever your...
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Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Upcoming Changes To SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses the changes that are coming in Penguin 2.0, and how these changes might affect you and your website(s).  UPDATE: These changes have now been...
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Password Managers

Stay Safe – Stay Organized – Protect Your Investment One of the most important things you can do after becoming a website owner is to have strong passwords. I cannot stress this enough. Using a weak password could compromise your entire website if hackers are determined enough to break in. Worse, many of these criminals use automated scripts that test out thousands of passwords in...
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Website Being Flagged For Malware?

Don’t Let Security Flags Surprise You! As you are probably already painfully aware of, the Internet can be a dangerous place. There are a lot of scumbags who just love ruining people’s days for any numer of reasons – most of them directly related to money. One of the favorite ways for these felons to take advantage of unsuspecting victims is through viruses delivered via...
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Six Tools For Checking Website Security

  MidState Design Recommends Sucuri For Your Website Security Needs  Sucuri has a free website/URL scanner that is trusted by professionals around the world. They also provide many premium services for website owners.  Check Sucuri More Free Online Website Security Tools   VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of...
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