One way to increase your overall reach online and get masses of new subscribers is to run a giveaway. Many people love to enter online contests, including myself. I even won a couple of them!

The prize can be related to what your website is promoting, or it could be something completely unrelated. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinarily expensive either. I have seen everything from gift cards to ebooks given away. With Rafflecopter you can see how many people have entered the contest and I can attest to the fact that some giveaways get an amazing number of registrations. Each of those registrations meant that a visitor had either liked their Facebook page, followed them on Twitter,  or submitted an email address to be subscribed to the website.

Something as cheap as a t-shirt can get you hundreds of registrations. Each of those registrations increases your reach, and can also help to improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

Did I mention that you can use Rafflecopter for FREE?

Rafflecopter Features


There are also paid plans with more options available if you want to run more complex giveaways.

NOTE: MidState Design is not affiliated with Rafflecopter in any way, nor does it receive any compensation for this post. I have witnessed how well this works on other sites which is why I am suggesting it as a possible option to increase traffic to your website(s).