Sometimes, it’s the little things that make you stand out.

Ever had someone send you an email with a professional looking signature at the bottom? (Okay, technically it’s not a ‘signature’, rather a well presented grouping of information about the sender.) It looks nice, offers all necessary contact information, and can also provide links, other pertinent information, and even a call to action.

Email signatures are a classy and informative way to sign off. Trouble is, the services that offer tools to create them can be rather costly. Especially considering their limited scope. Not trying to beat anybody up, but a person can get GSuite for the same price, and that comes with all kinds of benefits. (Note: WiseStamp does offer some free templates as well, but you have to create an account.)

So Let’s Do This For Free!

Convertful recently released a very nice email signature generator at the low, low price of NADA! A very cool thing to do, indeed. Now, you can have that fancy schmancy email signature without having to yank out your credit card. Best of all? They don’t even require you to create an account to use this tool!

Okay, Corey. How About We Get Started!

Click on the big button below to go directly to the email signature tool. This will open up in a new tab, allowing you to switch back and forth as needed. Don’t need help? By all means, create away! 🙂

Easy Peasy

The form is straight forward. Simply add the information in each section and move onto the next. Repeat until done. If you don’t wish to add information, or you don’t have anything to add there, simply skip over that part. 

When visiting the email signature creator you will see a number of tabs. Each tab represents a drop down form that will be exposed upon clicking the title of that tab. All of the others will automatically close as a new tab is opened.

Notice the avatar area asks for a URL to add your avatar (picture)? There are a number of ways to get that URL. You can use a free image host like Google Photos, Imgur, TinyPic, DropBox, or others to accomplish this task. Or, you can simply use the media library inside of your WordPress website (assuming you have one). That’s right, your media library is essentially an image host. Below is a video explaining how to get the URL. It’s very easy to do.

Convertful Form Tabs

Instructions for Adding Signature to Your Email Client

Instructions for Adding Signature to Your Email Client

Returning to Previous Page

Returning to Previous Page

Finishing Up

Once you’ve added your information into the various forms you can proceed on to the page that will provide you with the necessary code. Now, don’t be spooked by my using the term ‘code.’ Truth is, you’re never going to see the underlying code. You simply click a button to copy it onto your clipboard and then paste it into your email client. Instructions are provided for several of the major email providers/apps.

Once you’ve pasted the (invisible) code into the location they tell you, your new email signature will automagically appear! 🙂

Should you ever want to change your signature you can simply go back and recreate it.

*TIP: If, during the process of creating the email signature, you forgot to add something and have already progressed to the screen that provides the code, click the ‘Return’ link to go back to the email signature creation utility. (Shown in second image)