Hello, awesome person who likes to see their website well taken care of! Having a maintenance package is one of the most important things you can do to keep your website safe, and keep others safe as well. But you know that already since you are a responsible website owner.

After the 12/28 outage I provided free updates to all hosting clients. Even those without maintenance plans. Those with maintenance plans received updates too, but that’s as it should be. You paid for those services. Realizing this was hardly fair, I thought I would offer up something special for YOU.

So let’s get on with the goodies, shall we?


The Offerings

Feel free to choose from one of the following add-on’s for your website. I will install it and keep it up to date so long as you’re an awesome maintenance package client.

Document Importer

Plugmatter Document Importer Demo from Plugmatter on Vimeo.

Learn More About Document Importer


WP Tweets Pro

Sophisticated, customizable Tweeting options
WP Tweets PRO offers a ton of customization. You can configure dozens of options to make WP Tweets PRO do exactly what you need.

-Delay Tweets after your post goes live (whoops! didn’t mean to publish yet!)
-Automatically re-post your Tweet up to three times after publishing.
-Use a custom template – or fully customized text – each time a Tweet is re-posted.
-Filter Tweets by categories, tags, or any other custom taxonomy.
-Help your authors post to their own Twitter accounts, as well as yours
-Let trusted users select what Twitter accounts to post to
-Upload featured or attached images to Twitter
-Tweet your comments – after moderation or for trusted commenters (with approved comments).
-Configure individual post tags to use as hashtags (#), stock tags ($), or to just ignore.
-Tweet to your Twitter account and an author’s account — or lock it down to your chosen accounts.
-Use post tags to dynamically replace words in your title or excerpt with hashtags!
-Write and schedule a custom Tweet at any time – without editing your posts.
-Set a blackout period, so automatically scheduled Tweets never go out in the middle of the night.
-Write custom filters to block Tweets according to your own chosen rules.
-Support for Twitter Cards
-Want people to re-read your old posts? Post an old post every hour, day, week – as frequently as you need!

Learn More About WP Tweets Pro


WP Forms

Learn More About WP Forms




1. Please contact me at corey@midstatedesign.com with your choice and I will get it installed as quickly as my schedule allows. Offer ends 1/7/17.


2. WP Twitter Pro will require my having your Twitter login credentials to set up the api.


3. Upgrades will be included for free so long as you have a maintenance account, provided the plugin is still actively developed. (I expect these will continue to be).


4. Support time for these plugins will require usage of support time through your maintenance package. In other words, if you have 5 hours of support time left on your plan for the year and need an hour of assistance (after installation – and apart from updates), it would come off of that.


5. If you decide to suspend your maintenance plan you would need to buy a license for each to get updates.


6. Plugin may not be redistributed or resold to others, and the license key may not be shared. This is true of all premium plugins provided on your behalf by MidState Design.



Q & A


Q: Is this legal?

A: Absolutely. I’ve paid for developer licenses which allows me to use them for my clients. MidState Design invests heavily in premium features.


Q: Can I still sign up for a maintenance plan and receive one of these plugins?

A: Absolutely! You can get into the MidState Maintenance circle of awesomeness at anytime, though this free plugin offer will only be good until 1/7/17


Q: What does it cost?

A: Maintenance plans are $240 per year. This is above and beyond your hosting cost and domain name cost as it is an added service.


Q: What all does a maintenance plan include?

A: One year of website updates, premium security, a premium tutorial plugin that shows you how to use your site, step-by-step, 6 hours of priority support time, and a lot more. If you are interested in starting up a maintenance plan you can write me at corey@midstatedesign.com, call, or hit me up on Facebook for more information.



As always, thank you for being a client of MidState Design. I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!



~ Corey


Corey J. Kretsinger
Owner/Operator of MidState Design | MidState Hosting
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*Hours can vary, and are subject to availability.