Woohoo!NOTE: This applies only to clients who are hosting their website(s) with MidState Design.

There have been a large number of changes over the last couple of weeks, both security improvements and hardware upgrades. Needless to say, I’ve been ‘burning the midnight oil’ a lot lately.

Due to these changes, I wanted to make sure that the new security settings didn’t have an adverse affect on anyone’s website. As such, I have gone through – backing up and updating everyone to the latest minor version of WordPress. I have also taken care of all plugins which had updates available.

This is good news for anyone hosting with MidState Design since it means the server is now a true powerhouse, it’s also more secure than ever before. Having all of your plugins updated for free means you just saved some money! 🙂

The next major version of WordPress is not due out until the middle of April (at the earliest). I will contact clients to let them know when the updates are ready to go.

If you notice any issues with your website(s) please contact me and I will look into it.

As always, thank you for choosing MidState Design!

~ Corey