Author Tom Tatum Website PreviewNot long ago I was contacted by Krista Soukup at Blue Cottage Agency to work on building a website for Tom Tatum. Tom is an author, TV & film producer/director, conservation advocate, scholar, husband, and father. He is also a member of Western Writers of America. Tom is a busy man with a lot on his plate. Still, he manages to write novels that his readers love. One of those novels is Telluride – Top of the World, which is the much anticipated sequel to Fiji 1970.

To say author Tom Tatum is an accomplished and interesting person would be a huge understatement. Beyond his scholarly achievements, Mr. Tatum has also worked with Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, the Carter/Mondale campaign, the Carter/Mondale transition team, and also worked within the Carter administration. If that weren’t enough, author Tom Tatum has also launched many businesses as can be seen in his resume.

It is an honor and a privilege to work with Tom Tatum. I look forward to many years of helping author Tom Tatum achieve further accomplishments as we move forward.