Support for the ever popular Windows XP operating system is coming to an end.

This means that Microsoft will not be providing security updates to computers running XP, nor will it be providing further updates to Windows Essentials (anti-virus), for those who are still using it with XP.

Anyone still using Windows XP should either get a new computer, or upgrade to Windows 7 – at a minimum. Failure to do so will leave your computer at risk for all kinds of nastiness that the internet has to offer.

Considering that XP still has a 29% market share, this is bound to catch a lot of people off guard. Unfortunately, Microsoft will do what they want to do. Nothing lasts forever.

To find out more about the death of Windows XP please visit

If you are unsure which operating system you use, please visit Their website will tell you what you’re using right at the top of the page. All you have to do is click the provided link.

Failure to upgrade WILL leave you vulnerable. Please do not ignore this warning.

~ Corey