A Little Something Special For Maintenance Clients

Hello, awesome person who likes to see their website well taken care of! Having a maintenance package is one of the most important things you can do to keep your website safe, and keep others safe as well. But you know that already since you are a responsible website owner. After the 12/28 outage I provided free updates to all hosting clients. Even those without maintenance plans. Those with...
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The Costs of Running a Dynamic Website

When building a new website, one factor to consider are the various costs. These include the costs to get started, the costs upon going ‘live’, and any ongoing (recurring) costs.

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Adding A Video In Your WordPress Posts And Pages

The newer versions of WordPress have made embedding videos incredibly easy.

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Creating Professional Content Online, A.K.A. “Herding Cats – A Tale Of Ten Kitties”

Creating professional content online can be akin to trying to herd cats. Things can, and do go awry. Understanding some of what is involved can help you make the right decisions up front and spare yourself many future headaches.

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Embedding Media To Posts Is Easy As Pie

One of the questions I see quite often revolves around adding media content to posts. Most people are intimidated by the process, and who can blame them? The embed code provided by websites like YouTube¬†are complex in appearance, making little sense to the average ‘non-techie’ person. Thankfully, the wonderful folks who work tirelessly on WordPress realized this and provided an...
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Search Engine Optimization Tips From Google – 10 Minute Video Course

SEO, a.k.a. ‘Search Engine Optimization’, is something that quite a few people ask about. While there are no magic arrows which will guarantee your hitting the perfect SEO target, there are productive steps you can take to help your website achieve success. IMPORTANT NOTE: Never fall for SEO link back schemes. If you pay someone for links back to your website you WILL get found out....
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