Facebook Business/Fan Page Basics

Facebook is a great way to share your information with friends and family. It’s also a super way to reach out to clients and fans. All of this does not come without a catch, however…

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Expand Your Reach With Rafflecopter

                  One way to increase your overall reach online and get masses of new subscribers is to run a giveaway. Many people love to enter online contests, including myself. I even won a couple of them! The prize can be related to what your website is promoting, or it could be something completely unrelated. It doesn’t have to be anything...
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Should Your Business Utilize Social Networking As A Marketing Tool?

  It wasn’t all that long ago I was on the fence about using social networking as a marketing tool. The reasons for this were quite simple. I saw that, while social networking could bring your regular website more business – it could also pull it away. Worse, it could confuse customers who don’t understand the differences between a regular website, social networking, and how...
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