Embedding Media To Posts Is Easy As Pie

One of the questions I see quite often revolves around adding media content to posts. Most people are intimidated by the process, and who can blame them? The embed code provided by websites like YouTube¬†are complex in appearance, making little sense to the average ‘non-techie’ person. Thankfully, the wonderful folks who work tirelessly on WordPress realized this and provided an...
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Tips For Preparing To Have A Website Built

Instead of rambling, I’ll just cut to the chase. Note that some of these might not apply to your business, depending on your individual situation. Pick a domain name.¬†Dot Com’s are still the favored TLD (top level domain), so go with that if you can. Try to pick a name with two words or less, and with as few letters as possible. Decide who is in charge of making decisions regarding...
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