It’s been a very busy time for the clients I work with. Many have been getting mentions via various news outlets. Here are several of them.


Rebecca Fjelland Davis was announced as a finalist in the “Young Adult Fiction” category by the Midwest Independent Publishing Association for her great book “Slider’s Son.” Congratulations and good luck, Rebecca!

Kat Martin received another glowing review from Publishers Weekly : See The Article 

Jennifer Trethewey was mentioned in USA TODAY : See The Article

Gail Jenner received a wonderful write up from the Great Falls Tribune : See The Article 

Also, though it’s not available online, Thomas D. Clagett received a very nice review from Roundup Magazine (Western Writers of America):

Award-winning author Thomas D. Clagett takes readers to the Alamo in 1836 in this well-researched historical novel told through the eyes of some lesser-known figures in the battle – on both sides. Everyone knows the story (and the ending), but Clagett manages to build tension and makes his characters, especially young defender James Taylor and Mexican Colonel Juan Morales, feel incredibly real. The depiction of the final assault is riveting, earning Clagett a place alongside novelists Paul Wellman, Steve Frazee and Stephen Harrigan for taking readers on memorable fictional journeys inside those storied walls.   

— Roundup Magazine 

Candace Simar and Angela F. Foster were mentioned in the Brainerd Dispatch for their upcoming “Bootcamp for Writers” : See The Article [Now Expired]

Congratulations to all! It is an honor to work with you. 🙂