Customization Programs

 Below you will find a few highly recommended programs for Windows computers which will help you get the most out of your PC through customization. 




Free Customization Programs


~ Nexus Dock

    • Nexus Dock is what is known as a program launcher. Basically, it sits at the top of your screen and allows you to open programs, or links, at any time. It’s very handy and easy to use. 

      Get Nexus Dock here 

      Price: Free



~ RocketDock

    • RocketDock is another program launcher which is similar to Nexus Dock. It doesn’t have quite as many “bells and whistles”, but it is generally faster than Nexus Dock and uses less resources.

      Get RocketDock here 

      Price: Free




~ Quick Cliq

  • Quick Cliq is a wonderful little program that lets you create your own custom menus when you ‘right click’ and drag on your Desktop. Like Nexus Dock, and RocketDock, it is a program launcher – but it is also much more than that. I find this little gem of a program to be indispensable. 

    Get Quick Cliq here 

    Price: Free






Premium Customization Programs


~ Start8

    • Start8 will help to make Windows 8 look and feel like your old computer did. It will give you back your “Start Menu” and “Start Button”, as well as allow you to log directly in to the main Desktop instead of the rather confusing Windows 8 Metro screen.

      Get Start8 here 

      Price $4.99 (Free trial available)


~ Snap

  • Ashampoo Snap is what MidState Design uses to take screen shots and edit them. It’s fairly straight forward and easy to use. One of the nice features about this program is it has its own launcher. By that I mean that it will place a (mostly hidden) bar on your screen that can be accessed anywhere. When you put your mouse over the area where the bar is, it will fly out and provide you with options to capture what you are seeing. Very clever little program!

    Get Snap here

    Price: $19.99

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