Do Storms Cost You Valuable Business?

Do you close up shop when a big storm blows in?

Businesses who own a website don’t lock their doors. In fact, while you are closed they are hungrily taking in what could have been your profits! A bad day for you is a great day for online retailers. To make matters worse, your long-time customer may shift loyalties toward the new company they were able to shop at during the bad weather.

One snowy winter could easily cut your profit margins so deep that you will be left scrambling just to make sure your costs are covered. Even a typical January cold snap could throw your company into a financial tailspin, as an increasing number of people choose to shop online instead of braving the elements. With extreme weather becoming the norm, do you really want to risk your livelihood on Mother Nature?


Helping ensure your business is available, rain or shine, 24/7

Having your own website makes it possible for most people to visit your business regardless what the forecast is. A Website Remains Open In All Weather Rain, shine, hot, cold, blizzard, or thunderstorm – your website continues to work for you.

Think of your website as a company employee that never sleeps, and never gets stuck in a snow drift. What is that worth to you? Maybe a better question would be “what are your customers worth to you?”. Without an online presence you will surely lose them.

Are you prepared to find a new client base? What would the cost of that be?


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