Do You Need A Website?




Having a business website is an important step toward increasing visibility and profitability. It’s also a big decision, requiring investments in both time and money. MidState Design and Web Development understands this. We are here, every step of the way, to assist you in making the right choices for your company.

I will try to address some of the questions pertaining to the creation of an online business presence. You will be better informed, and ready to tackle the task of getting your company online in short order.

Should YOUR Business Have A Website?

Of course the question you are most concerned with is…should you have a website created for your company? Please feel free to answer the following questions and see if it helps you decide.

  1. Do you want to increase your business’s potential profitability?
  2. Would you like to compete with other businesses who are already online?
  3. Do you lack an easy way for customers to look up quality information about your business online?
  4. Does your business sell tangible items that you would like to feature online?
  5. Would you like to be able to have a storefront that is available 24/7, without having to pay hourly employees?
  6. Would you like to have email accounts that include the company name? (e.g.
  7. Would you enjoy having sales leads, orders and more delivered to your inbox via your website?
  8. Would you like to take orders, receive payments, and/or provide fillable forms online? (e.g. Job applications)



“Businesses that make use of the web are growing 40% faster and are nearly twice as likely to create jobs”

Source: US Chamber of Commerce BCLC


MidState Design strongly believes that every business should have an online presence. Whether it be a website or by using some other avenue such as social networking, having your business online is becoming increasingly important in the information age.

However you choose to do business online – MidState Design can help.

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