MidState Design + Astra Website Security:
A Partnership Made in Security Heaven

You have a fantastic website, but if you don’t take care of its security it can be gone in a flash.

Websites get hacked. That’s a fact of life.

Knowing of these very real threats, and with a deep understanding about how important strong website security is, MidState Design has partnered with Astra Web Security.  As a result, we are now able to offer Astra’s top-notch, best in class protection for your website(s). This add-on perfectly compliments the security protocols already in place here.

Astra’s on-demand Malware scanner searches for, and finds any malicious files that might be hiding on your website. Their intelligent firewall makes sure that the website stays protected 24x7. As a MidState Design/Astra Web Security client, you’ll get access to an exclusive dashboard where you can view Astra in action and customize settings to your wishes. Don’t want to do that? MidState Design will handle the details for you!

Lock Down Your Website
with Astra Web Security

Top Features of Astra Web Security


  • On-demand Machine Learning powered malware scanner
  • Intelligent Web Application Firewall
  • Bad Bot elimination
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Prevention from Credit Card Hack, Japanese SEO spam, Redirection hack and tons of such attacks
  • Community Security

You can check out the incredible security feature set here.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Limited Time Offer Only for MidState Design Hosting and/or WordPress Care Package Clients

Only available while supplies last!

Through a special arrangement with the fantastic team at Astra Website Security, MidState Design has secured a limited number of lifetime licenses and we are now prepared to make them available to MidState Design clients who have a…

1. Premium WordPress Hosting Package
2. WordPress Care Package
3. Or, Both.


Not Only Do I Recommend Astra Website Security,
MidState Design Also Uses It.

MidState Design Security Badge

What the Security Badge Looks Like

See that little badge in the lower left hand corner of this website? That shows up on every page and lets visitors know they are safe and secure.  It’s also clickable, showing a number of protections being applied here, as well as the last time the site was scanned. 

Get added peace of mind knowing your online investment has Astra Website Security looking out for it!

*TERMS: This special price is only valid for MidState Design clients with a hosting and/or WordPress Care Package (maintenance), plan. 

“What If I’m Not A Premium WordPress Hosting, or WordPress Care Package Client?”

If you’re not a current Premium WordPress Hosting and/or WordPress Care Package client, you have three options:

  1. Order at least one of those services and you will become immediately eligible!
  2. Contact MidState Design about receiving a nice discount on monthly, or yearly plans.
  3. Go it alone and order directly through their website.

No matter which option you choose, I very much recommend Astra Website Security. Having used it for a while now I can attest to how professional this security add-on is. If you have a WordPress website, you should consider getting Astra Website Security. It’s as simple as that.