Dorian Dalta Bio Pic  Dorian is the delightfully acclaimed author of The Bonesaw Trail. He is a virtual man of intrigue driven by both story and experience. His writing reflects both his curiosity and quest for an understanding of the sometimes obscure and strange nature of our everyday lives.

“Dorian Dalta” contacted MidState Design to discuss creating a new website. He was limited with what he could do in his old setup. Though it looked nice, it was not very functional and did not easily allow for the changes that were required.

Working with the author, MidState Design put together a package that fit his needs, and was forever expandable. A good fit, for a very prolific author.

Recently featured on several websites, at the St. Cloud Barnes & Noble, and even in the St. Cloud Times – Dorian Dalta is well on his way to creating his own niche among authors and fans of his particular style of writing.

Perhaps his biggest asset is how genuine he is. Whether you’re talking to him, reading his books, or watching his videos….you know you are seeing the soul of the author.

Paul is one of those clients that every website creator wants to work with. He’s honest, eloquent, but is never afraid to let go and just be himself.

Personally, I believe that is what makes him such an interesting author. Each thought seems to be laced with many others. Like a maze you’re guaranteed to find your way out of. Whatever path you choose gives you a little different perspective once you exit.  It’s deep, personal, and offers you avenues by which you can challenge your ability to think in different ways. His words have that unique ability of exposing something new with each read, taking you new directions.

Still, I have to wonder if there isn’t a secret ‘exit’ to the maze that is left unspoken? This is another aspect that makes it so incredibly interesting to read his works.

MidState Design is proud to have built the official Dorian Dalta website, and I am personally honored to have worked with the man.

Some day I think I’m going to show up at one of the performances his band plays and buy him a drink, or a soda. I will try to avoid the temptation to get obnoxious and start chanting “Mony Mony!”, or “Freebird!”  (Every musician’s nightmare) 😉

Congratulations on your new website and your new book, Dorian!