Jodi Schwen contacted Krista Soukup at Blue Cottage Agency to have her develop a marketing strategy for her upcoming book “Northern Comfort” (now released). One of the recommendations was that Jodi have a new website created for her. This is where MidState Design comes into play.

After speaking with Jodi, we were able to clarify what she was looking for. She wanted a website that was easy to navigate, not over the top, with a “Northern Woods” feel to it. The site needed to finished by her book launch date of June 1, 2014.

Ms. Schwen had already been actively posting on Google’s Blogger and asked that her articles be copied over to her new website so as not to lose anything. This is a service MidState Design offers as a free bonus to clients so I was quite happy to oblige.

MidState Design created both the website and logo on behalf of Jodi Schwen.

Congratulations on your new website and the release of your new book, Jodi.  It was wonderful working with you!

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