UPDATE: Sadly, this company has gone out of business due to a number of factors related to the health and retirement status of the individuals who ran it. As such, the website is no longer online. They were a wonderful client for several years and I wish everyone who was a part of this the very best.


Trailwood Transportation - The Tyson Companies Trailwood Transportation contacted MidState Design to do a major overhaul of their website, which was very outdated. Having driven a tractor trailer myself when I was younger, this was a fun job to accept.

The people I worked with at Trailwood Transportation were very professional, friendly, and had a good understanding of what they wanted.


Some highlights about this job:

  1. Though there was a previous website, this was essentially built from scratch. Very little content actually carried over from the old site.
  2. They already had a logo, but it did not have a transparent background. Part of the job was to cut it out and improve the coloring so it was more usable in various scenarios.
  3. This site features the ability to add newsletters, receive mail directly from the site, provide downloadable driver applications, and more.
  4. Two other older sites were forwarded to this website once it was done.