At the time this was created, Zeew Factor was a Twin Cities based rock band here in Minnesota. I was contacted by the bass player, Michael Popp, to help them create a new website since the old one was extremely outdated.


This theme sports a wonderful array of features that can highlight the band in just about any way imaginable, making them look *almost* as good as they sound.

Some of the features are:

  1. Add events, complete with maps to the show, and website links.
  2. Add audio to showcase their talent.
  3. Add images to galleries of the band and club patrons.
  4. Add videos of performances.
  5. Ability to create articles, categorize them, and auto post each one to their Facebook page.
  6. Link to the various social networking sites.
  7. Add & edit song lists at will.
  8. Allow fans and clubs to contact the band via email using the built in contact form.
  9. See statistics which show how many people have visited, and where they visited from.
  10. Much, much more.