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Questions About MidState Design

  • MidState Design can get you started online, or improve what you have now.

    MidState Design can create a high quality website for you which will help to give your business a boost, and potentially increase profitability. Various tools are put into place which provide a vehicle by which you can do a huge number of things. The possibilities are endless.

    Ever scalable, the underlying framework and plugins which makeup your website will provide you with the ability to add functionality as your business grows.

    MidState Design can also help you improve a website which is currently in place, whether it be editing content, consulting, security audits, making backups, or any number of other things.

  • MidState Design cannot:


    1. Market your product extensively. 

    MidState Design does the heavy lifting to create an online business presence, but only you can effectively get it in the public eye and keep it there. Without that, there will be few visitors or sales. In that respect an online business isn’t all that different from a brick and mortar storefront. 

    What does that mean?

    You are your own best promoter. Wherever you go, you should always mention your website. Any promotional materials should have a link to your website on them. Speaking engagements, press interviews, and advertising campaigns are just a few other examples of areas where you can promote your online presence.

    MidState Design’s focus is primarily on the creation, upkeep, and hosting of websites. There simply isn’t enough time to get into a major marketing effort of any type. Website creation is what MidState Design is all about. 

    MidState Design wants to see you succeed

    Articles are posted from time to time with relevant marketing information. There are also tips available via the support section to help get you started promoting your website, products, and/or services.

    Having a website is a little like buying a car. You cannot purchase a vehicle and expect it to drive itself. Like most things in life, the more effort you put into your internet business the more likely you are to get great results out of it. 

    2. Create websites intended for illegal, unethical, or immoral purposes 

    Some examples of website creation jobs MidState Design will not accept are:

    – Illegal download sites.
    – Websites intended to sell drugs, guns, tobacco, alcohol, etc.
    – Websites which promote pornography of any kind.
    – Websites which try to skirt licensing or import regulations.
    – Sites that promote violence or hate speech.
    – Any other site which, in the sole discretion of MidState Design, is inappropriate, illegal, or unethical.

    3. Provide free support for computers and third party programs

    Providing free support for individual client PC’s and the multitude of programs they might have installed is an impossible task for any web creation company. That said, MidState Design will always try to help you out whenever possible. There are a number of tips, tricks, and programs available to assist you in the support section of this website.


  • Yes.

    MidState Design is a registered business within the great state of Minnesota and is insured for $1,000,000. You take your business seriously and so does MidState Design. You should never expect anything less from a web design company.

Free Website Builders

  • Using online builders is something that is generally not encouraged by those in the industry. As with  anything related to websites, they have a learning curve. Getting help can be quite problematic. To make matters worse, the results tend to look outdated and unprofessional.

    Here are some things to consider before joining one of the myriad of sites offering free/cheap website creation services.

    1. Companies that offer such services tend to ‘flame out’. This leaves you without a thing to show for your time and money. Yahoo’s GeoCities is a good example of that, and there are others. Many others.

    2. Most provide no means of backing up your site, nor transferring it to another hosting company. They may even actively block your ability to do so. You are essentially at the mercy of whatever the company wants to do, or charge. Your only option is starting over. 

    3. They tend to charge much more for hosting, support, upgrades, and content edits. Why? They have you right where they want you.

    4. Many of these businesses put links at the bottom of your website encouraging people to build their own “Free Website”. Not exactly the ‘first impression’ you want to give potential customers, is it?

    5. Support can be very hard to get if you get it at all. More, you may wind up speaking with a well intentioned, but hard to comprehend support representitive from a foreign country. This can be very frustrating and time consuming. 

    6. Things like scalability and functionality tend to be severely limited on such sites. Even if they do offer these things the odds are very good you will have to pay a hefty premium.

  • Let’s address why MidState Design is a better option for you, point – by – point.

    1. Your files are always ready to download and backup. You are not being forced to use this company in any way. Should you ever decide you would like to transfer to another hosting company it is quite easy to do. (Hopefully you will never want to do such a thing).

    2. You can add and edit material on your website at will. You are not going to be forced into paying someone to do it simply because some company blocked your access. This happens more than you know, and it’s not something MidState Design will ever do.

    3. Located in Minnesota, MidState Design provides timely support. You never have to worry about not being able to understand what’s being said due to a foreign accent or cultural differences. This can save you time and aggravation all by itself. 

    4. MidState Design does NOT require any kind of link back to be placed on your website. If you would like one there, it will be added for free and, with appreciation. 

    It’s your home on the Internet. Forcing companies to advertise this business would be wrong. Unfortunately, that is not how most free website businesses operate. A lot of  other web design companies do this too. 

    5. You’ll be using Wordpress, a very well known and supported system that millions rely on everyday. You won’t be stuck using some non-transferrable, in-house specialty apps that only work in a proprietary environment. 

    The bottom line is that many website companies make money off of locking you into their system and forcing you to pay them for everything you need.  That’s not a good deal.

    At MidState Design, you are in control. You can continue to use our services, or move it to another location and pay someone else to maintain it. You are never trapped. You will be appreciated and respected for being the valuable client you are. MidState Design will work hard to EARN your business. Not trick you into continuing to use us through some shady business trickery.

    Need more? Backups can always be created so you are never left empty handed. It’s your home on the internet. You paid for it. You worked on it. You get to keep it. This is something that is not offered on most easy builder website sites, (or a lot of paid services for that matter).

About Wordpress

  • Preface: The underlying script used by MidState Design is Wordpress. Wordpress is freely available for download at and is open source software.

    Please know that you are not being charged for the Wordpress script in any way. Pricing is based upon the time involved installing, securing, formatting, and getting everything to function properly.  It also costs thousands of dollars per year to purchase the plugins, themes, and associated services that provide needed functionality to clients of MidState Design. Having these readily available saves you valuable time and money.

    Side Note: Wordpress is wonderful, but it’s a little like having just the engine, transmission, frame, and tires of a car. While it might function enough to get you down the road, it will not be a good experience. That’s where MidState Design steps in, making certain you receive the professional services which will make your website stand out from the crowd.

  • If you should do something that breaks things, do not despair. The odds are very good that it can be fixed without too much effort. If not, backups should be available to restore your site to an earlier state. Though recent changes might be lost, your investment should be restorable.

    As always, it’s a good idea to be proactive by creating and downloading backups locally. MidState Design does create a backup when your website is complete as well.

    Clients that choose to host their site with MidState Design get the added benefit of having regular backups which significantly aid in the protection of your website.

  • There are different levels of updates. Some are automatic, and hence free. Others require time to install and do post-installation checks.

    1. Major Wordpress upgrades typically take between 15 minutes and an hour to complete. ($7.50 – $30). These major versions are released every 2-3 months.
    2. Minor versions of Wordpress are auto-installed so they are free. If something should break there would be a charge to fix it, but this is uncommon.
    3. Plugin & theme upgrades do incur a charge which is at the same rate as #1 above. Plugin & theme upgrades tend to cause more problems than Wordpress upgrades since they usually follow behind the Wordpress release. Even so, the cost is generally very minimal.

    Total costs for upgrades during the course of a year can safely be estimated to be between $45 to $200. Typically, it falls closer to the lower end of this.

    While you are under no obligation to upgrade when a new release comes out, it behooves you to do so for security reasons.

    Customizations and edits incur their own charges and are not being included in the prices listed above. These charges are completely based on your requests. No surprises here.

  • While no one solution can suit every single task imaginable by mankind, Wordpress can do most things that people dream up. Ever extensible, Wordpress has a huge number of ‘plugins’ that add to the already stellar built in functionality Wordpress provides.

    Here is a short list of what you can expect to be able to do:

    1. Add posts (e.g. a ‘blog’).
    2. Add pages.
    3. Add audio.
    4. Add video.
    5. Add Images.
    6. Let people contact you through your website.
    7. Add downloads.
    8. Paste from Microsoft Word.
    9. Create content from your smart phone.
    10. Much more, especially with use of free and premium plugins.

    Don’t worry, MidState Design has a massive library of premium plugins available and is also extremely well versed in what to use in the free arena. Contact MidState Design today for more information!


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