Getting Indexed By The Search Engines?

Here is a very quick tip that will help you see what pages are making into Google. It’s really simple! Go to Google and enter “” without the quotes. It will bring up a listing of everything that Google is currently sharing one their search engine. Confused about how to do this? It’s simple. Replace “” with whatever your...
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Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Upcoming Changes To SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses the changes that are coming in Penguin 2.0, and how these changes might affect you and your website(s). ¬†UPDATE: These changes have now been...
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Should Your Business Utilize Social Networking As A Marketing Tool?

¬† It wasn’t all that long ago I was on the fence about using social networking as a marketing tool. The reasons for this were quite simple. I saw that, while social networking could bring your regular website more business – it could also pull it away. Worse, it could confuse customers who don’t understand the differences between a regular website, social networking, and how...
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