Upfront Pricing

Upfront Pricing Makes For Happier ClientsThe number one question on the minds of most clients is “What will it cost?”. With straight forward price quotes, your answer is simple.

Commitment To Clients

Whether you purchase a website package, or want to create your own custom setup, MidState Design will provide you with a free quote, and stand by it, provided the original agreement isn’t altered significantly.

This is of huge benefit to MidState Design clients since unexpected issues can, and do happen. If something takes longer than the quote anticipated, you aren’t left holding the bag. You deserve more respect than that.

Hidden Costs And The Myth Of “Unlimited ___________”

You may have noticed that much of the competition do not mention prices at all. This leaves you, the paying customer, completely in the dark. They might provide a free quote, but if you don’t have any idea how services are priced you may wind up paying twice as much for a website as the person before you, even though yours took far less effort. 

Many also claim to provide “Unlimited” offerings of some kind. Whether it be unlimited pages, unlimited revisions, or whatever – these kinds of offers are utter nonsense. As you are probably well aware, nothing in life is unlimited. They are lying, possibly even to themselves. Again, you deserve more respect than that.

Leaving yourself open to being fleeced is never a good idea, but it happens all too often.I have worked with several clients who had been dismayed by the poor service, hidden costs, misleading offers, and significant delays they experienced with other website development businesses.

The MidState Design Promise

You will be provided with a high quality website, in a timely fashion, with the terms and pricing you agreed to. That is a promise.


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