WordPress Care Package

This Professional WordPress Website Care Package Includes:

  • Ongoing Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Offsite Backups
  • Security Hardening
  • Priority Support
  • Video and Written Tutorials
  • 6 Hours Support Time Per Year

All of this for only $360 per year!*

WordPress Badge

Focus On Your Business And Let
MidState Design Take Care Of The Rest

Be Confident Knowing Your Website Is Regularly Protected, Updated, And Backed Up

WordPress Website Updates

Keeping Everything Current Matters

One of the often overlooked matters concerning having a website is keeping it up to date. In fact, many website breaches occur because of outdated scripts.

MidState Design will keep an eye on your site and update it as necessary, giving you peace of mind. Should something go wrong, MidState Design will work to get it fixed up in as little time as possible!

Offsite Backups

Peace of Mind in Case Disaster Strikes

Things can go wrong. What then?

No worries, as long as you have our comprehensive WordPress Care Package!

MidState Design will keep copies of your website in offsite locations, safe from bad actors. Should something go very wrong with an update, or should you get hacked? Your website will be restored for you and all efforts will be made to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

WordPress Backups

Do You Have A Backup Plan?

WordPress Security Hardening

Protecting Your Investment Is Important.
MidState Design Will Help Keep It Secure.

Security Hardening

Next Level Professional WordPress Security

Ask anyone who has worked with MidState Design and one of the first things they are apt to mention is the high level of attention given to security.  This is true for any website MSD creates. But, Professional WordPress Care Package members get more.

  • Free password recovery and resets mean you’ll never be permanently locked out.
  • Want to setup two factor authentication on your website and/or hosting account? Assistance is  included at no extra charge.
  • Would you like to block countries outside of America? That will be taken care of for free as well.
Professional Tech Support

You’ve Got A Friend (And An Expert), In Me

Each Professional WordPress Care Package comes with a generous six hours of included support time. This support time can generally be used as you see fit. 

  • Add blog posts for you.
  • Adding/editing pages and posts
  • Website adjustments

It’s all just an email away!


WordPress Support

Best-In-Class Professional Tech Support

Wait, There’s More!

The features mentioned above make the WordPress Professional Care Package worth the price of admission, but guess what? There is one more invaluable addition…

 An Iron Clad Guarantee

In the unlikely event your website should ever get hacked and damaged beyond repair, it will be rebuilt for you, as close to the original as possible, free of charge.  I challenge you to find this guarantee anywhere else; much less at this incredibly affordable price.

Aren’t the backups, security, support, and peace of mind worth less than $.99 a day?

(Rhetorical question)

Of course they are! 🙂

All of this for only $360 per year!

*Limitations apply. Only valid for self-hosted websites built using WordPress. Not a current MidState Design client? Please contact Corey to discuss details and see if you qualify.

Note: Every client who has had their website built by MidState Design is automatically eligible.

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